Sunday, September 15, 2013

Over 10,000 attend Austin's 2013 Fiesta de Independencia at Texas Capitol.

DAY TWO – Sunday, September 15, 2013, on the grounds of  the Texas State Capitol.
10,000 persons enjoyed the historical celebration held for the first time ever on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol.
The Texas State Capitol celebration took place on Sunday, September 15th, on the South steps of the Capitol. With extensive support and resources of Univision and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, the “Fiesta de el Grito de Independencia” was taken to a new historic level.

Univision’s extensive resources in addition to enhancing the event, also gave it an international exposure on television.

The festivities at the State Capitol were broadcast by Univision throughout the United States and Mexico. Lesilie Montoya and Paul Peimbert were the event's hosts for the evening festivities.

Several Mariachi groups, like the Mariachi Campanas de America, shown above performed traditional Mexican songs that everyone in the crowd knew by heart.

The highlight of the evening was the traditional reenactment of Hidalgo's famous "Grito de Independencia" given by The Honorable Rosalba Ojeda,  Consul General of Mexico in Austin

During a truly historic moment, The Consul General waves Mexico's flag on the steps of the Texas Capitol.
Great Thanks to Univision. Their substantial involvement proved invaluable.
The "Fiesta de el Grito de Independencia Committee" appreciates  Univision's resources that helped make 2013 a really historic event.

Events like this help communities keep their multi-generational cultural identity strong and vibrant.

Everyone seemed to be recording this momentous occasion.

These events clearly help to create family memories for a lifetime.

The crowd as big as it was, still had a feeling of community, family, kinship. The entire community responded favorably to this family friendly, alcohol free event.

Pride in Mexican traditions were on display everywhere one looked.

Austin's citizens expressed their approval through their enthusiastic attendance. 
Everyone came looking forward to enjoying the evening's entertainment.

As the sun set over the Capitol, the evening's program began.

One of the first acts, The South Texas College at McAllen - Ballet Folklorico.

Authentic Norteño - Tejano music and dance by South Texas College Ballet Folklorico.

More authentic Norteño - Tejano music and dance.

The award winning Texas State Mariachi Band.

The Grammy winning Mariachi Campanas de America group.

Mariachi Campanas de America's presenting an example of the prominent role the female vocalist has in traditional Mariachi music.

Mariachi Campanas de America perform the Mexican classic "El Rey".

More of Mariachi Campanas de America.

Undoubtedly, the Texas Capitol celebration of the "Fiesta de el Grito de Independencia" will go on to become a new annual Austin tradition.

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