Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fiesta de Independencia Foundation honors 2013 sponsors at Texas State Capitol.

Austin's Fiesta de Independencia Foundation honors 2013  sponsors during VIP reception at Texas State Capitol.

Gloria Mata Pennington and Gus Garcia prepare to honor the sponsors with framed prints of this year's winning poster. The artist, Paul del Bosque, is third from the left.

Gus Garcia, Founder "Fiesta de Independencia Foundation" with Gloria Mata Pennington Chair, "Fiesta de el Grito de Independencia Committee".
The 2013 poster, by artist, Paul del Bosque, was given to all sponsors.
A few of the sponsors that were acknowledged at the reception.
Elliott Naishtat, Texas State Representative, Gus Garcia, Founder, The Fiesta de Independencia Foundation, The Honorable Rosalba Ojeda, Consul General of Mexico in Austin, Edward Rodriguez, Vice Chair, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, and Lloyd Doggett, Member US Congress from Texas representing areas of Austin to San Antonio. 
The artist, Paul del Bosque was recognized for his fine work.

2013 Sponsors Honored
Seton Healthcare Family
The University of Texas at Austin - Texas Performing Arts
Wells Fargo
Capital Metro
Rodriquez Engineering
Texas Gas Services 
Friends and Patrons
Dr. Ricardo Garcia
Elizabeth Gonzales
Gary Sawyer/Sawyer Auto Sales
US Congressman Lloyd Doggett
Austin Community College
Downtown Austin Alliance
Bobby R. Inman
The Media
El Mundo
Event Sponsors
El Consulado General de Mexico,
(Rosalba Ojeda)
Fiesta de Independencia Foundation
(Gus Garcia)
Mexican American Legislative Caucus 
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez)
Univision TV 
(Luis Patino)
Gus Garcia, and artist Paul del Bosque (on right).
Gus Garcia, Carmen Luevanos and artist Paul del Bosque.
Gus Garcia, Edward Olmeda and artist Paul del Bosque.
Gus Garcia, Luis Patino from Univision, and artist Paul del Bosque.
Gus Garcia, State Representaive Edward Rodriguez, Vice Chair, Mexican American Legislative Caucus and artist Paul del Bosque.
Gus Garcia, Liliana Patino and artist Paul del Bosque.
Gus Garcia, The Honorable Rosalba Ojeda, Consul General of Mexico in Austin and artist Paul del Bosque.
Pete P. Gallego, US Congressman (Texas 23rd district) accompanied by his son and Gus Garcia as he addresses fellow invited guests.
Elliott Naishtat, Texas State Representative, Diana Maldonado, former Texas State Representative, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, District Clerk, Travis County and Pete P. Gallego US Congressman (Texas 23rd district).

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